Brand Identity



Building a successful business is like scaling a mountain. The process is tough, full of obstacles, and requires a lot of effort and hard work on your part. In fact, even something as seemingly small as a logo can make or break a business. When customers are in the marketplace, what stands out first and foremost about a company or a brand? It’s the logo!

Companies like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Chanel, and Apple have all created logos that are known across the world. When you see an apple with a bite taken out of it, you think of Steve Jobs and his brilliant company.

While the golden arches of McDonald’s make you crave their delicious French fries. These companies have made sure their logos are both unique and provide a solid first impression for their clients.

Evna Design shares that same passion. Based in Colorado, Evna Design knows the importance of a perfect logo. Designing a logo that stands out and makes potential customers stop in their tracks and take notice is the whole point of a logo. Creating the right logo for your brand ensures that the logo reflects your unique business model and your company’s values and vision.


Our approach to logo design at Evna Design is straightforward. We value each logo design job as an opportunity to create a unique design using the latest graphical trends and contemporary styles to ensure you a competitive edge within the industry. It is always our goal to create designs that communicate a strong brand identity at a glance and that easily saturate your market with your thought provoking and attractive vibe. Sounds simple? Well, we’ll do our best to make it look easy.

After conducting a thorough analysis of your company—from its name to its services to its demographics—and with your crucial and highly regarded input, we will get busy designing ideas for a logo that reflects your company’s mission and values. Then we’ll solicit your feedback on a few logo options. With your approval, we’ll refine your logo design, tweaking colors and effects that will bring your company’s brand to life. Lastly, we’ll deliver your logo in useful formats and, to complete the package, we can design other marketing materials such as business cards, postcards, and brochures with your new logo.

From complex to clean and minimalistic, we can create a variety of design options for your brand logo. And should you need to make changes, we can respond promptly. Customer service is important to us. We know how important a good working relationship is to the creative output. That fact and our years of experience in the logo design market, alongside logo design services that are affordable for small and big businesses alike, sets Evna Design apart from its competitors. Our mission is to realize your vision and ensure you get superior value for your investment.

Evna Design is a logo design company for any kind of business serving Denver, Longmont, Boulder, and Colorado Springs as well as across the United States. Hire our logo design services today to create the best logo for your brand!