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Website, Graphic & Logo Designs


I am a graphic artist who founded Evna Design to help small businesses, start-ups, and established businesses just like yours engage their brands with their audience through visual concepts created to inspire, inform, and captivate. Whether through physical or virtual images and words, I will make your brand recognizable and prominent.

Whether you are looking to brand:

  • A product like hand-blown glass, an apple cider ale, or a financial newsletter;
  • A service-oriented business-like psychotherapy, college recruiting, or a technology networking company;
  • A retail business like a bakery or a fine art gallery;
  • Or an event like the Baltimore Grand Prix, or an indie folk band concert.

I’ve done it all.

Using a wide variety of graphic design digital tools alongside handcrafted fonts and stylized and realistic illustration, I have created:

  • Logos
  • Product Packaging
  • Collateral Design
  • Print Design
  • Website Design
  • Media Packaging
  • Cartoons and special custom designed graphics for newsletters, brochures, and books

Using artistic and decorative effects alongside the use of color, I can set your brand apart by emphasizing the right things about your company in an interesting way.



Thanks to cost-reducing technology, your customer lives in an increasingly visually mediated world. Research shows that everything from websites to newsletters are more image-oriented than a decade ago. Even social media embraces images over words, with the use of pictures growing from around 200 million a day to almost 2 billion a day. Statistics suggest that visual communication will only grow, evidenced by its history. After all, we’ve been communicating in pictures for nearly 30,000 years, so your brain is not only hardwired to decode visual information; more importantly, it is what your customer prefers.

But while visuals are clearly the marketing tool of choice, they are not all created equally. Many don’t solve specific communication challenges or achieve pleasing outcomes, both of which are critical to productive and profitable results. Composition, color, symmetry, and texture are fundamental to graphic design, and a good graphic designer knows how to use them to inspire your customer. Without balance of these elements, your branding can convey a clumsy or even confusing message.


I know that your client base learns by association, and that the more visually powerful the association is made, the more it can imbue your company’s image with characteristics like contemporary, quality, and trustworthy.

Did you know that your customer infers human personality and emotional states from design elements? Scientific research shows that people will even build stories around a series of circles and triangles, giving those shapes positive and negative attributes simply by their design elements of composition, color, symmetry, and texture.

As a graphic designer, I know how to use the fundamental elements to evoke the right associations for your brand—associations that inspire your customers the way you want them inspired. I know how to create graphics that incite emotional responses that communicate secondary qualities like fun, hip, and cutting edge, notions that leave your customer with a well-rounded picture of your company. Through an understanding of your company’s mission, I can set branding goals for concepts that inspire your customer to recognize aspects of your mission and values at a glance.


Did you know that your customer’s brain automatically reduces your brand into the fundamental building blocks of graphic design—line, color, and movement? I understand these graphic design elements and their symbolic meaning. I know the paramount importance of balancing them in design as well as knowing when to break the rules around symmetry while maintaining balance for greater interest or a modern feel.

You know that humans are symmetrical with pairs of parts divided, balancing the body on the right and the left. While humans gravitate towards balance, balance isn’t as simple as symmetry. Graphic design that uses the mathematical equation of 1:1.61 ratio, also known as The Golden Mean, can be very provocative, breaking from symmetry but referencing greater balance and a sense of purpose within a bigger equation. Our bodies, like spirals found in seashells, budding ferns, the formation of the shoreline, the crown and roots of a tree, and more evolve from this mathematical computation. Using it provides an efficient way for your customer to process your brand and recognize it as fitting in naturally. What branding wouldn’t want to be recognized as having a right to exist and providing inherent worth to the bigger picture?