Graphic Design as a Component of Digital Marketing

Graphic Design Digital Marketing

When people think marketing, they think of advertising, selling and pushing products and services to potential customers. It’s an art that people have studied for years, crunching numbers and figures to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that marketing trends have changed significantly in the past decade or so. Marketing isn’t something restricted to major corporations and companies either. Digital marketing has opened up the arena in a major way.

How has digital marketing changed the game?

To begin with, digital marketing is a unique element of marketing trends, one that’s more consumer driven and makes use of the internet and technology to reach customers. There are various components to digital marketing, including social media, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, viral marketing to name a few.

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Each of these works in a specific way, targeting audiences of various kinds. From trying to reach customers randomly, to more calculated approaches, each also offers a range of benefits and strengths. Email marketing, for instance, can be received with apprehension and fear by audiences, but social media marketing tends to seem more organic.

One of the major shifts that’s taken place between old school marketing and digital marketing is the nature of the advertising and content. It’s gone from pushy, repetitive and downright annoying ads that would play on T.V. at odd hours, to very specifically targeted audiences who’d actually be interested in your product.

This shift is drastic, and results show, because people actually want what your business offers, instead of growing tired of hearing old fashioned jingles, catchphrases and celebrity endorsements. Instead, seeing a celebrity sipping your brand of coffee on Instagram us enough of a marketing tactic.

A major component of digital marketing is graphic design

Nothing in digital marketing can really survive without the use of graphic design. You can create incredible SEO content that makes use of all the right strategies, offer tons of information and add to audience knowledge, but if your content isn’t visually appealing, or your web design is subpar, nothing will engage audiences.

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This is why local graphic designers such as Evna Design, based in Colorado and operates across Denver, Boulder and other towns, offer a host of different services. Web design, marketing and graphic design are all interlinked, because without a design foundation the web layout will fall flat, or push away customers if it’s too clunky.

The presentation of your product, the format it goes out in and so much more come into play when going down the path of digital marketing. To learn more about how graphic design is important for any marketing strategy, contact us here, and if you’re ready to hire an affordable graphic designer, find our portfolio here.